White oxford shirt with button-down classic collar

White oxford shirt with button-down classic collar

Gondomar, white


A classic stone washed oxford shirt in 100% cotton. A very durable fabric with a nice structure. Wear it for business casual events with a pair of chinos or dark denim jeans. Made to your measurements.

  • Livraison gratuite à partir de €99
  • Garantie Perfect Fit
Tissu Gondomar, white (100% Coton)
Col Button-down Classique
Poignets de chemise Un bouton, biseauté
Bouton Tailor Store logo Horn
Opacité Very opaque
Couleur Blanc
Motif Couleur pleine
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-4221

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"Excellent fabric"

, 2020-10-07

"Fabric is heavy and looks creased even after ironing"

, 2020-09-25

"The fabric itself was nice. Heavy enough to drape nice, but very breathable - just what I want out of an Oxford Cloth. I rate it low because of the Tailor Store collar options. Oxford cloth shirts traditionally have soft button down collar with a slightly exaggerated roll. The button down classic is the closest thing Tailor Store offers to this. It is a 2.25" collar that sits very flat. I recently purchased a shit from a competitor that has a 3.25" collar with a nice roll to it - much more in line with what I want from an OCBD. I know this isn't strictly a rating for the cloth, but to me this fabric and the collar style I described are a package deal."

, 2020-08-27

"Très confortable super qualité"

, 2020-07-06

"Tjr difficile d’évaluer un tissu sans l’avoir vu/touché. Ne veux pas commander un échantillon à chaque fois"

, 2020-06-25

"As above with the black shirt"

, 2020-01-28

"I am reluctant to buy clothes off the internet.... I need to touch and feel....see in person the texture and quality. This fabric is nice....heavy, smooth...holds the starch nicely. The fit was right on, just from the phone app."

, 2020-01-21

"The fabric isn't as soft as i would like but it is still heavy and feels expensive. I have a flannel like shirt however it only comes in baby blue and light grey."

, 2020-01-10

"trop épais, pas adapté pour une chemise à porter avec un costume"

, 2019-11-05

"For a casual shirt it's ok. The feeling against the skin and quality is comparable to what can be purchased from mainstream shops here, which is nice."

, 2019-10-29

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